Importance of Yoga to leave a healthy life

Importance of Yoga

To live a healthy, balanced and stress-free life is a common wish of every human being. But, today's busy and stressful life which has so many physical and emotional demands has been putting great pressure on our daily life. This is the reason why most of the people suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia and what not. This is mainly due to lack of proper physical exercises. In this case, Yoga acts as a powerful tool to attain health and harmony. Today medical science is also accepting the importance of Yoga. 

Importance of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice of a set of Physical poses (Asana), Breathing Techniques (Pranayama), and Meditative techniques (Dhyana). These are considered to be the most vital parts of the Yoga system. These are some of the main goals of "Yoga in our daily life".

  • Yoga for stress Stress Relief
  • Yoga for Physical Health
  • Yoga for Mental Health
  • Yoga for Inner Peace 

Yoga for Stress relief 

Yoga for Stress relief

It is now clearly recognized that it is stress which causes the majority of health issues which affect ones Cardiovascular, Musculoskeletal, Central Nervous, and Immune Systems. It is stress which is also responsible for High Blood Pressure, Heart Failure and so on and so forth. These side effects of stress also affect the clarity of thought and clarity of action. 

Research has shown that practicing yoga for a few minutes daily is a great way to get rid of stress both physically and mentally. 

Yoga for Physical health

Yoga for Physical health

Today's fast modern lives we are inhaling polluted air, we eat lots of unhealthy foods this way the toxins enter our body. These toxins enter our bloodstream and sticks in various parts of our body. Which cause various diseases such as Asthma, Diabetes, Allergies, Fatigue and what not.

The most serious problem is these affect our Immune system which is just like giving a call to all the diseases.

Few minutes of Yoga can remove all the toxins from the body and give a boost to the Immune system which gives you a healthy, Fit and a Disease-free body. Yoga also boosts our energy levels and keeps us fresh.

Yoga for Mental health

Yoga for Mental health

The Mind is always moving here and there, But never stays Constant. In this way, the mind gets stressed. Which lead to mood and anxiety disorders. Most of the students complain that they are unable to concentrate on their studies. Meditation is the best solution to this problem and help in increasing good memory power. Yoga also helps in decreasing Depression, Anxiety, and Stress which gives good mental health.

Yoga for Inner peace 

Yoga for Inner peace

Man is considered as the supreme being among all living beings on earth because he has a potential of thinking and realization. But in today's world, we are surrounded by various emotions, problems, and circumstances. It has created pains and miseries to human life.  

In this fast-moving world, we find for inner peace which is indeed required for a human being. Working for long long hours create a lot of disturbances to mind. 

Yoga is the best way of finding inner peace within us. With regular practice of some Breathing techniques and Meditations, we can enjoy a Peaceful life. That's the reason why most of the successful people practice Yoga on a regular basis. 

Research on yoga

Importance of Yoga

There are so many medically proven benefits of Yoga. Let us discuss some of them.

Harvard Medical School which states "Yoga is one form of exercise that helps relieve stress while improving strength, balance, flexibility, and overall health."  

The University of California concluded that Yoga and meditation practice decreases stress and anxiety. 

Yoga can help in curing Asthma according to British Journal 1985.

Yoga is an effective treatment for chronic back pain, a study by Annals of International Medicine 

According to published Research of American Journal of Psychiatry Meditation improves concentration in the brain, Memory Power and Learning. 

Yoga helps in reducing the risk of life-threatening diseases, shows the study of the Journal of American College of Cardiology. 

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