Structure of human brain and function | Amazing facts on human brain

Structure of human brain and function | Amazing facts on human brain.

Structure of human brain

The brain is an amazing part of a human being which controls entire bodily activities such as moving, memorizing, emotions, response to the situations and senses, etc. The human brain is the combination of three parts namely cerebrum, cerebellum, and brainstem. It is the skull which protects the human brain.

Structure of human brain and function | Amazing facts on human brain

Important parts of the human brain

The cerebrum is the largest part of the human brain which performs higher brain functions such as planning, thinking, speech, emotions and finding the solution to a problem. It is composed of two parts left hemisphere and right hemisphere. the left hemisphere controls the right side of the human body whereas the right hemisphere controls the left side of the human body. 

It is located under Cerebrum its main function is to control all the muscular movements of the body such as moving limbs and posture changes.

Brain Stem 
It connects the Cerebrum and Cerebellum to the spinal cord it performs the important automatic functions of the human body such as Blood pressure, Breathing, Heartbeat, pulse, etc.

Pituitary gland and Hypothalamus 
The pituitary gland releases the important hormones which are required for bodily functions. Its Hypothalamus which sends signals to the Pituitary gland to release the required hormones at a required rate.

Structure of human brain and function | Amazing facts on human brain

Amazing facts on human brain

- The signals sent or received to brain travel at a rate of 190 Meters/ Second.

- Human  Brain performs 38,000,000,000,000,000 Operations per second which includes the functions of both conscious mind and subconscious mind which include breathing, heartbeat, Blood pressure, digestion, sweating, hair growth, etc. Whereas the worlds fastest supercomputer Blue Jean does 0.002% of it.

- Generally, a mans brain size is larger than women because of body size.

- The normal human brain gets nearly 75,000 thots per day.

- The power which the human brain produces is enough to light up an LED Bulb.

- When we enjoy an activity dopamine called pleasure chemical is released from our brain.

- The brain consumes 20% of oxygen.

- Brain structure changes when we start learning new things.

- Human brain potential is greater than other animals but human brain is not the biggest.

- Over stress or anxiety can cause brain shrinkage. 

- Human brains storage capacity is considered as unlimited. Its memory does not get used up.

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