SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) can mobiles cause health hazards.

SAR(Specific Absorption Rate) is the rate at which the radio frequency radiated by mobiles to towers is absorbed by a human body. As we all know that the radiations emitted by mobiles are reached to towers and they come back to mobile. During this process, the human body also absorbs nearly 20% of the radiations which will cause some health issues. Some of the commonly reported problems are headaches, memory loss, sleeplessness, etc. WHO considers that high level of SAR(Specific Absorption Rate) is known to have ill effects on humans.

SAR VALUE mobile towers

How safe are mobiles?

Mobiles with  SAR(Specific Absorption Rate) Value indicates how much cellular radiations body observe while it is in use. so the mobiles which are available in the market is with lower SAR value only. It dose not mean that it will not harm at all but it will cause a very low ill effect. So that we have to purchase mobiles with lower SAR value i.e less than 1.5 Watts per Kilogram. 

How to protect myself from mobile radiations?
  • Maintain 6 Feet distance from mobile while sleeping.
  • Use earphones while talking.
  • Switch off Mobile data or WI-FI while not in use.
  • Go for messages rather than a phone call.
  • Talk for short duration
  • Do not keep mobiles with you for long long hours.
These are some possible ways.

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is a measure of the rate at which cellular radiations are absorbed by the human body when it is exposed to Radio Frequency. 

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