Impact of E-Commerce on international business.

Impact of E-Commerce on international business

Today the internet has become a vital part of human life. Internet is used for many purposes such as for gaining knowledge, information gathering, connecting socially so on and so forth. From the last 10 to 15 years E-Commerce is the fastest growing business on the internet Internationally. The people are really enjoying shopping on E-Commerce sites just by sitting at home. Now E-Commerce has really proven itself as a powerful tool for both buyer and seller. 

Impact of E-Commerce on international business.

Concept of E-Commerce 

Today human being has become so busy in his day to day life he doesn't get time to go to the market and search for the required goods and its types as it is a time taking process. So people choose online shopping for marketing.  It has seen a great customer rise in E-Commerce year by year at a rate of 20% to 30 %. 

Moreover, there is no need for a seller to invest a huge amount for establishing an expensive store in the market, Which will further attract limited customers due to lack of proper advertisement. But this problem is totally solved in E-Commerce. Here he could reach up to a huge customer base with an excellent digital promotion and advertisement.

The middlemen in the buyers are eliminated i.e customers could directly purchase from the company at the lowest prices.  

In this way, E-Commerce has proven advantageous for both buyers and sellers. 

Impact of E-Commerce on international business.

Impact of E-Commerce on international business | Advantages of E-Commerce.

  • It has round the clock service whereas traditional stores in the market don't provide that.

  • Sellers will get a chance to advertise their business, Which is a great way to attract customers.

  • Buyers will get a huge number of choices so that they can choose the best.

  • It is easy for the Business owners to handle there day to day business process.

  • Sellers could market globally.

  • Customers could easily search or find products from different sellers just by sitting at home.

  • Time-saving for both Sellers and Buyers.

  • Short supply chain i.e middlemen are eliminated we can purchase products directly from the manufacturing company.

  • Reduction of employees cost.
This is the impact of E-Commerce on international business which traditional storekeepers cannot make with there offline market business.


E-Commerce has really made a great impact on the market scenario with its attractive shades. Today whenever we get an idea to purchase an item we open online shopping Apps or website and check its specifications and price details and compare it with similar models.  So I think the people started adapting this E-Commerce to a greater level.

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